Welcome to my blog!
I am a twenty something Australian from the South-East Coast who loves all things beauty related! I do the corporate thing by day and in my spare time I love to do all things beauty and make-up  related. You will always find me either shopping, do facials or pamper sessions, experimenting with make-up or talking someone’s ear off about beauty! I am also a budding freelance make-up artist which is something I am really enjoying getting into.

After months of deliberating I finally decided to start my own beauty blog. Majority of my family, friends and collegues are men and most of my girl friends are not into beauty much so I have always found I never have anyone to talk to about my love of beauty and make-up, especially living in a small country town where hardly anyone is into beauty I have always found it very hard. My poor husband is the one that cops most of the babble about all the new products I have purchased and what I think of them and despite him being very good at pretending to be interested I thought it was time to start talking to people who actually care and thats how A Beauty Obsession began.

Here on my blog you will find product reviews, hauls, tips and tricks, make-up looks and just general talk about all things beauty! Occasionally I will also throw in some random lifestyle posts as well just to mix it up 🙂

I hope you enjoy!


For business enquiries you can contact me at abeautyobsession@gmail.com

Social Media Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/A-Beauty-Obsession/676692185707871

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/abeautyobsession

Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/abeautyo

Twitter – https://twitter.com/abeautyobsessio


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I have the same problem! Most of the people in my life aren’t into beauty either. It’s nice to see other women online who have the same passion for makeup.

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