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Lorac Mega Pro Palette – Review & Swatches


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.

Today I am going to be doing a quick review and some swatches of the limited edition Lorac Mega Pro palette. I purchased mine from Amazon as Lorac is not available in stores here in Australia and it has been in and out of stock since it was released so I am not sure how easily you will be able to get your hands on this palette. Because it is limited edition and could be difficult to get I debated whether or not to post about it but I really wanted to show it to you guys and give you my thoughts.

I am not going to go into full detail about every shade as I am sure you all have probably read heaps of blog posts or seen a tonne of YouTube videos going into great detail on this palette already. I just wanted to do some swatches and give you my two cents worth.

Lets start with the packaging; So this palette comes in the same thin but sturdy cardboard packaging that the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 come in and is a festive maroon colour with gold writing. There is a large mirror inside which is great especially if you are travelling and there are 32 eye shadows in total inside the palette.


The packaging does show up finger prints and marks terribly as you can see from the pictures. You may also see from the pictures where I have tried to clean off the marks and it has almost made it worse. Whilst I love the compactness of the palette, how dirty it looks is a downside for me.

As with the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 half the shades are matte and half the shades are shimmer so you get a great range of shades and finishes. This palette is twice the size of the 1 and 2 and therefore has two rows on the top that are all matte shades and the two bottom rows are all shimmer shades.

Again following the theme of the two permanent palettes the shades are mostly neutral although there are a couple of pops of colour however to me these are still quite neutral shades….I guess it depends on your definition of neutrals! 😉

The formula of these shades is just like the other two pro palettes (well I only have the first one but apparently the second one is the same formula as the first and as this palette), the shades are extremely buttery and smooth and blend like a dream. Because they are so pigmented and creamy they do give off a lot of kick up when you put your brush into the pan which does result in a lot of wasted product which is the only downside to the formula. However you can not expect eye shadows to not give some kick up when they are so pigmented and creamy and despite the wasted product I still absolutely adore the formula especially for how easily the eye shadows are to blend out.

This palette would be fantastic for a makeup artist as it contains such a great variety of shades but is also great for any makeup enthusiast and I would highly recommend picking this palette up if you can get your hands on it.

Top Row – Matte Shades

Swatches from left to right – Cream, Fawn, Camel, Sepia, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Espresso


Second Row – Matte Shades

Swatches from left to right – White, Khaki, Brown, Stone, Lilac, Wisteria, Gray, Black


Third Row – Shimmer Shades

Swatches from left to right – Opal, Sand, Copper, Sienna, Apricot, Blush, Merlot, Indigo


Bottom Row – Shimmer Shades

Swatches from left to right – Vanilla, Cashmere, Smokey Topaz, Dusty Rose, Granite, Maroon, Deep Teal, Caviar


Let me know if you have tried this palette and what your thoughts are on it, I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money.


Australis AC on Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit Review & Swatches


Hello Lovelies!

Today I am going to do a really quick review on the new limited edition Australis AC on Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit.

I purchased this kit from Priceline here in Australia but I believe it is available from anywhere that stocks Australis products. The cost of this kit is $16.95 and you get three highlight shades and three contour shades.

I have heard people are having trouble finding this in stock still but I have also heard that it is due to be re-stocked again in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for it if you are interested in getting it as it is limited edition.


The packaging is made from black plastic that is fairly sturdy, there are six pans inside and no mirror which is unfortunate, I would have preferred to see a mirror inside but this is not a deal breaker for me.

This palette is supposed to be a dupe for the more expensive Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette which I don’t have but by looking at pictures they do look very similar.

Shade descriptions – Top Row – Left to Right


First Shade – Matte pink toned highlight

Second Shade –  Matte yellow toned highlight

Third Shade – Shimmer pink toned highlight

Bottom Row – Left to Right


First Shade – Matte neutral brown

Second Shade – Matte cool toned brown

Third Shade – Matte warm toned brown

The formula on these powders is very smooth and creamy. They blend out fairly easily and are very pigmented so I have to use a light hand with any of the contour shades as I am very pale.

I love to mix the two matte highlight shades together and use them to set my under eye concealer. I do not find the powders to settle into the fine lines under my eyes, they last all day and give a lovely subtle highlight effect. These two shades are definitely my favourites from the whole kit.

The shimmery pink highlight shade is nice but definitely not my favourite highlighter. It is not too overpowering so is nice for an every day look and the pink tone is perfect for fair skinned girls. I like this highlighter but I prefer a more intense champagne shade highlighter for most of my makeup looks.

The first contour shade I haven’t got a lot of use out of as I find it looks quite muddy on my pale skin tone. The middle shade is a nice cool toned shade for contouring but I also find this one to look a bit muddy on me if I am not careful with it. These shades may be better for medium to dark skin tones and if you are fair I suggest being careful with these two by using a light hand when applying.

The third contour shade is very warm toned and surprisingly actually suits me the best out of the three but only if used for bronzing not contouring. Again it is very pigmented and I have to use a light hand with it.

Overall I think this is a great palette and would make a great addition to any makeup lovers kit at an affordable price. Despite not being a huge fan of the contour shades I think this palette was worth the money for the highlight shades alone. The contour shades will still be a great addition to my professional makeup kit as I am sure they will be great for many other skin tones despite them not looking that great on me.

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what your thoughts are on it and/or if you also have the Anastasia palette and how you think they compare, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by me with my own money.

Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow 30E Review and Swatch


Hi Everyone,

I have a really quick review that I wanted to do for you guys today and it is on the Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow Crayon in 30E.

I picked this product up last year at IMATS Sydney and have been absolutely loving it ever since and I can’t wait to go back to IMATS this year and hopefully be able to pick up some more shades. This is basically a cream eye shadow crayon and it is waterproof which is something I absolutely love about this product because it makes it totally budge proof!

This shade is a really pretty pinky/peachy champagne shimmer, it makes the perfect base for any champagne, pink or peach eye shadow and I have also used it under gold before and it looked gorgeous. The formula is very smooth and creamy and it blends out really nicely. I prefer these crayons to the Aqua eyes in the pots as I find them a little harder to get a nice thin even application with whereas with this it goes on perfectly. I find this lasts all day long and is waterproof so it is perfect for summer.


The crayon does have to be sharpened and whilst it doesn’t overally bother me, I would prefer if it was a retractable as it is easier and wastes less product.

I really love this product and this it is such amazing quality and cannot wait to try more shades from the range. Let me know what shades you would recommend from the line in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.

Arbonne Haul – Skincare, Makeup & Haircare



Hi Everyone!

If you are not already aware I am a consultant for Arbonne International and I recently ran out of some of my favourite products and decided to purchase some more and thought I would do a quick haul to show you what I purchased. If you are interested in any information on any Arbonne products or would like to purchase anything you can email me at abeautyobsession@gmail.com.

– Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 in Buff

– Arbonne FC5 Shower Set which includes Daily Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner and Invigorating Body Cleanser

– Arbonne Pure Vibrance Texturizing Mousse

– Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream

– Arbonne RE9 Ultra Soft Skin Set


Trashy Tuesday – Week Three – Product Empties

Empties 14

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well. It’s time for another Trashy Tuesday where I share with you products I have used up and what I thought about them so let’s get into it.

Arbonne FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo –

This is my Holy Grail shampoo along with the conditioner which I used up and showed in an empties a while ago. The brand is all natural and smells so delicious like fruit. This is a very gentle creamy shampoo that is free of sulfates so it does not lather like a normal shampoo but I find it still gets my hair really clean. This shampoo is very moisturising especially with the coordinating conditioner and I absolutely love them together. I desperately need to repurchase both the shampoo and conditioner as I miss them so much!

Messhead Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo –

I was not a huge fan of this dry shampoo, it smells fairly nice but did not do much for making my hair look or feel clean again. It does not have the strength of my beloved Batiste Dry Shampoo and also not the lasting power, I found I would have to keep reusing this throughout the day whereas with the Batiste I only have to use it once in the morning. I won’t be repurchasing this dry shampoo again.

LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner –

This product is made from Argan Oil and is designed to be used in the shower after washing your body. You put it all over and then rinse it off and pat dry and it is supposed to remove the need to moisturise after you get out of the shower. This smells so delicious like roses and I do find it is very hydrating and I don’t need to moisturise afterwards. My only gripe with this product is that it is very expensive, this is a smell pot I got in a set but the full size pot is over $30 and I find I went through this very quickly. I would consider repurchasing though as I do really like this product. I am going to keep this pot as if you return 5 empty pots to LUSH they will give you a free fresh face mask.

Orion Body Sync Woman Sport Deodorant –

This deodorant is from Aldi and was very inexpensive (less than $2) and I did find that it worked quite well. This is still about half full but I am getting rid of it as I decided to move onto more natural aluminum free deodorants as aluminum has been linked to breast cancer so I don’t want to use deodorants with it in them anymore. I won’t be repurchasing this because of this reason and I also won’t be finishing this product.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Brightener –

I really like this product especially the one in fair/light. This is the pink toned one designed to brighten and it was nice for highlighting. This is a very creamy thin formula but it still gives about a medium coverage. I do prefer the one in light as it is more yellow toned and I like it for my under eyes and for a subtle highlight so I will probably repurchase that shade again instead of this one.

Azelique Age Refining Skin Polish –

I purchased this product off www.iherb.com and didn’t expect to fall in love with it as much as I did. This is a microdermabrasion scrub that is designed to be used 2-3 times per week to clear pores and remove dead skin cells like a microdermabrasion treatment would do. I absolutely love this product! It is very gentle to use but OMG it makes my skin so smooth and soft! I find it really helps clear my pores and keep my skin clear. I am obsessed with this product and have repurchased another one, I would highly recommend it.

Whitening Lightening Zero Whitening Pen –

I am really inconsistent with these whitening pens so I can’t really comment on how well they work because I always forget to use them. This is basically a pen that you click and teeth whitening gel comes through the brush on the end and you brush it on your teeth and leave it on and it is supposed to whiten your teeth. I have noticed a very slight improvement in the whiteness of my teeth with this but like I said I am very inconsistent with it so if I was to use it more consistently I am sure I would get better results. I have a couple more of these so I will try and use the next one more regularly and report back.

That sums up this week’s Trashy Tuesday, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts on them are. Have a great week guys J

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.

Arbonne Blushes – Review and Swatches



Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

Today I am going to be doing a review and swatches of the Arbonne blushes. I have four shades to show you guys today however there are eight shades in the range in total. These blushes retail for $41.00 AUD and can be found on the Arbonne International website below however you will need to contact a consultant in order to be able to purchase them.


These blushes contain 4.5g of product and come in a black square compact with a clear top which I really like because it makes it easy to see the shade inside. The compacts have a push button closure which are my favourite kind for compacts because it means you’re not breaking your nails trying to get into it!

Arbonne International is an all-natural brand and none of their products contain any parabens, mineral oil, animal bi-products or any nasty chemicals at all which is what I really love about this brand. They are also cruelty free and 100% vegan.

Now onto the blushes; the blushes come in a variety of shades and finishes and I have two matte finishes and two shimmer finishes. These blushes are very pigmented but without being insanely pigmented and more difficult to work with like the Tarte or Sleek Makeup blushes can be. They are very smooth and blend beautifully and I really love the texture of these blushes. I find the staying power to be very good and they last on my cheeks well throughout a standard working day.

Onto the shades that I have;


Taffeta – This is a matte bright pink shade and I really love this one. This shade I think will look good on all skin tones however if you have very fair skin you may just need to use a light hand.


Blossom – This is a beautiful peachy pink shade with gold shimmer that looks quite similar to Nars Orgasm or Sleek Rose Gold and looks absolutely beautiful on the cheeks. The shimmer is not chunky and this blush gives a beautiful healthy glow. This shade would look beautiful on all skin tones.


Ballet – This is a very pale matte muted pink shade. You will need to be very pale to pull this shade off as it will barely show up on my NW20 skin tone. I don’t know if they changed the colour or if I got a dud because I have had this shade before and it was nowhere near as pale as this one is. If you are very fair thought this will be a gorgeous blush on you.

 Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose – As the name suggests this is a dusty rose shade. This shade has a very vey subtle shimmer in it and could pass as a matte unless you look extremely closely so this gives a really pretty satin finish on the cheeks. This is a really beautiful natural shade of blush that would be perfect for medium to dark skin tones. As with Taffeta fair skinned girls can wear this if using a light hand on application.


Swatches from Left to Right – Taffeta, Ballet, Blossom, Dusty Rose

Overall I really love these blushes and my only complaint is that they don’t have more shades available!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the Arbonne blushes and what your favourite shades are.


All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own. I am a consultant for Arbonne International however they are not aware I am doing this review nor am I being paid or compensated in any way for doing this review.

Makeup Geek Blushes – All 13 Shades – Review and Swatches


Hi Everyone,

I have a very exciting post for you today! I finally received my order of the new Makeup Geek blushes and have been playing around with them for the past couple of weeks and can’t wait to share my thoughts on these with you.

If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with Makeup Geek products, I own all of the eye shadows (except a couple of new ones that just came out) and most of the pigments. You can check out my reviews and swatches here on the eye shadows and here on the pigments if you would like more details.

If you have not heard of Makeup Geek it is a cosmetic brand that was created by a lady called Marlena who has a channel on YouTube called Makeup Geek TV. She has been working really hard for the past couple of years growing her range of cosmetics and finally she has released the much awaited blush collection.

I have been waiting anxiously for so long for these to come out, I love her eye shadows so much and when she announced she would be releasing blushes I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them to see if they have the same amazing quality as the shadows.

Marlena released 13 different shades of blushes, 9 of them matte and 4 of them shimmer. I couldn’t help myself, I decided to pick up all 13 shades!  The blushes come in both pan form which retail for $9.99 and in compacts which retail for $12.99 and I chose to purchase all of mine in compacts so I could put them in Z palettes as I like having them all together. As you will see from my photos I have sorted them into two different palettes, one with the more peachy/coral shades and one with the more pink/plum shades. I really like them sorted like this as it is so easy to pick up one of the palettes and choose a shade from either pinks or peaches depending on what look I am going for.

Blushes in palettes

The pans contain 4.25 grams of blush in each one which is a little smaller than M.A.C blushes which I believe contain somewhere around 6 grams of product. I think for the amount of product and the quality the prices are quite fair on the Makeup Geek blushes. These blushes are made in the USA and are talc and cruelty free.

The formula on these blushes is amazing and definitely lives up to the quality of the eye shadows and pigments from the brand. The blushes are smooth and creamy and they blend out beautifully on the cheeks. I find they last all day on me and haven’t made me break out. I am really impressed with these blushes and am so glad to have them in my collection. I haven’t used anything else since I got them which is saying a lot because I usually wear different products every day. They a very pigmented but not overally pigmented where they become hard to work with, they are the perfect in between.


Now onto the shades and the swatches;

Peach swatches

Swatches from Left to Right – Honeymoon, Spell Bound, Romance, Smitten, Bliss, Summer Fling and Infatuation

Honeymoon – This is a very pale muted pink with a tiny hint of peach and silver glitter. I don’t like glitter in my blushes or highlighters, shimmer is ok but glitter I’m not a fan of so this one is probably my least favourite out of all of them. It’s too pale and glittery to use as a blush but too dark to use as a highlighter on my pale skin so the only way I can use this one is as a topper on other blushes but because of the glitter I don’t see myself getting a lot of use out of this one. I wish she has just made a really pretty shimmery highlighter instead.

Spell Bound – This shade looks kind of boring in the pan but is absolutely stunning and is one of my favourites because it looks so natural and flattering on the cheeks. It is a matte peachy pink shade that is not too warm and not too cool toned so will suit nearly everyone. Whilst this shade is matte it seems to give more of a satin finish and just looks so pretty on the cheeks. If you are going to get any shade I would highly recommend this one.

Romance – This is a peachy/pink shade with a tonne of gold shimmer in it that gives it a really pretty sheen. This is one of those “Nars Orgasm” type shades that again will be flattering on so many skin tones.

Smitten – This is a true matte peach shade. This doesn’t swatch that well but it goes on the cheeks beautifully and is a shade that really surprised me as I didn’t think I would like it that much but I find it to be so pretty on and I really love it.

Bliss – This is another shade that I didn’t expect to love as much as I do but I guess I am getting more into peaches lately and this shade is a gorgeous matte cantaloupe shade that is slightly darker than the above shade. Like Smitten it doesn’t swatch that well but I find that to be the case with majority of orange blushes but it blends beautifully onto the cheeks and is perfect for summer!

Summer Fling – This is a bright matte coral/orange shade that is very vibrant. Being quite fair I have to be very careful applying this blush otherwise it can come off too intense but with a tan it will be the perfect summer blush.

Infatuation – This shade is a matte tan which can be used as a bronzer for fair skin (how I use it) or as a natural blush for medium to dark skin tones. It is not too warm and not too cool so will work for many skin tones however fair skinned girls beware, you will need a light hand with this one too.

Pink swatches

Swatches from Left to Right – Love Affair, Rendezvous, Hanky Panky, Secret Admirer, Head Over Heels and First Love

Love Affair – This is a super intense matte coral/pink. This shade is super bright and pigmented so be careful if you are fair, I think medium to dark skin tones will love this one especially in the summer time.

Rendezvous – This is a very pigmented plumy/pink shade that is perfect for winter. This is a matte shade however like her other matte shades it has a more satin finish which I prefer as it gives a pretty natural look.

Hanky Panky – This is a very standard matte mid toned pink. This shade is quite pigmented so if you are fair you may need to use a light hand. This shade is very pretty and is a great staple shade for any collection.

Secret Admirer – This is a cool toned matte purple/pink shade. This shade screams radiant orchid and is perfect for anyone looking for a blush in that colour range (which I have been). I love this blush, it is purple but it doesn’t look crazy or weird on the cheeks. It just gives a super pretty flush and is perfect if you like cool toned blushes.

Head Over Heels – This is a light bubble gum pink with a very slight shimmer in it. This is another one of my favourites from the line. It is the most perfect natural pink blush that goes with just about any look.

First Love – This blush was made for the fairest of fair girls, it is a baby pink with pink shimmer in it. This shade is super fair and I don’t think many skin tones will be able to wear this. I am about an NW20 in M.A.C and this shade is too fair for me and makes me look a little ashy so I would not recommend this one unless you are super super fair.

Overall I really like these blushes and I think there is a shade in here to suit anyone’s taste and/or skin tone. I think Marlena did a really great job with these and I hope she expands the range in the future.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Makeup Geek blushes and what your favourite one is.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own