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Lorac Mega Pro Palette – Review & Swatches


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.

Today I am going to be doing a quick review and some swatches of the limited edition Lorac Mega Pro palette. I purchased mine from Amazon as Lorac is not available in stores here in Australia and it has been in and out of stock since it was released so I am not sure how easily you will be able to get your hands on this palette. Because it is limited edition and could be difficult to get I debated whether or not to post about it but I really wanted to show it to you guys and give you my thoughts.

I am not going to go into full detail about every shade as I am sure you all have probably read heaps of blog posts or seen a tonne of YouTube videos going into great detail on this palette already. I just wanted to do some swatches and give you my two cents worth.

Lets start with the packaging; So this palette comes in the same thin but sturdy cardboard packaging that the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 come in and is a festive maroon colour with gold writing. There is a large mirror inside which is great especially if you are travelling and there are 32 eye shadows in total inside the palette.


The packaging does show up finger prints and marks terribly as you can see from the pictures. You may also see from the pictures where I have tried to clean off the marks and it has almost made it worse. Whilst I love the compactness of the palette, how dirty it looks is a downside for me.

As with the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 half the shades are matte and half the shades are shimmer so you get a great range of shades and finishes. This palette is twice the size of the 1 and 2 and therefore has two rows on the top that are all matte shades and the two bottom rows are all shimmer shades.

Again following the theme of the two permanent palettes the shades are mostly neutral although there are a couple of pops of colour however to me these are still quite neutral shades….I guess it depends on your definition of neutrals! 😉

The formula of these shades is just like the other two pro palettes (well I only have the first one but apparently the second one is the same formula as the first and as this palette), the shades are extremely buttery and smooth and blend like a dream. Because they are so pigmented and creamy they do give off a lot of kick up when you put your brush into the pan which does result in a lot of wasted product which is the only downside to the formula. However you can not expect eye shadows to not give some kick up when they are so pigmented and creamy and despite the wasted product I still absolutely adore the formula especially for how easily the eye shadows are to blend out.

This palette would be fantastic for a makeup artist as it contains such a great variety of shades but is also great for any makeup enthusiast and I would highly recommend picking this palette up if you can get your hands on it.

Top Row – Matte Shades

Swatches from left to right – Cream, Fawn, Camel, Sepia, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Espresso


Second Row – Matte Shades

Swatches from left to right – White, Khaki, Brown, Stone, Lilac, Wisteria, Gray, Black


Third Row – Shimmer Shades

Swatches from left to right – Opal, Sand, Copper, Sienna, Apricot, Blush, Merlot, Indigo


Bottom Row – Shimmer Shades

Swatches from left to right – Vanilla, Cashmere, Smokey Topaz, Dusty Rose, Granite, Maroon, Deep Teal, Caviar


Let me know if you have tried this palette and what your thoughts are on it, I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money.


Beauty Blogger Collaboration with Cheap and Lazy Beauty – Favourite High End Makeup Products

All Products

Hi Everyone!

I am really excited to bring you this post today as it is a collaboration with the lovely Emily from Cheap and Lazy Beauty. Emily approached me with a request to do a collaboration and I was so excited and so of course said yes! If you haven’t checked out her blog I highly recommend you do so.

We decided Emily would do her top drugstore product from a list of categories and I would do my top high end from those same categories. This was a really fun post to write and I hope you all really enjoy it.

Here is the list of high end products I came up with that I absolutely love;


Primer – Arbonne Makeup Primer

If you have been following me for a while you would know I absolutely love this primer and it is the only one I ever use. Arbonne products are all natural which I love and this primer performs better than any primer I have ever used. It has a silicon feel to it and it glides on so smoothly and fills in my pores and makes my foundation go on so much smoother. I find this helps make my foundation last much longer throughout the day and it doesn’t break me out like many other primers do.

Arbonne Foundation

Foundation – Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Again if you have been following me for a while you would know this is my Holy Grail foundation especially in conjunction with the above primer. This foundation is a medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage. It has a really nice natural finish and lasts all day especially when I use the primer with it. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone, the natural finish means it will suit any skin type and it has no nasty ingredients in it that break my skin out.


Powder – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

I am sure you have all heard about these powders a million times and it is for a good reason. These powders are designed to give your face the effect of being in certain lighting such as dim light, mood light etc. These powders are really finely milled so they look really beautiful and natural on the skin. I have Dim light which is really pretty but does have a little colour to it so if I am really pale I can’t wear it as it is a little too dark but for when I have a bit of a tan It is beautiful and gives a really nice soft finish to my skin.

Art Deco Bronzer

Bronzer – Art Deco Bronzing Powder in 02

This particular bronzer is from a limited edition collection but I think you may still be able to find it and I also believe they have this bronzer in many other limited edition collections and also possibly in the permanent line but I could be wrong. This is a beautiful satin finish bronzer that is a nice neutral tone, it’s not too warm or too cool. This blends beautifully and lasts for a really long time on the skin. I especially love it in this gorgeous tribal packaging with the tribal embossing on the product, it is so cute! I was so sad the other day when I hit pan on it, I think I am going to try and pick up another one as a backup because I love it that much!

Dior Blush

Blush – Dior Rosy Glow Blush in 001 Petal

This is such a stunning cool toned pink blush that has a technology in it to transform itself to suit your skin tone when applied. I have noticed this looks different on different skin tones and does pull a little warmer on me and makes for the perfect blush shade. It has a faint scent of roses but you can only smell that when you put your nose up to it. This blush blends like a dream and is pigmented but not too pigmented so it can be built up nicely without looking like a clown! I have a full review and swatches here if you would like to check it out.

Mary Lou

Highlighter – The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

This is such a stunning highlighter! It is a really intense champagne highlight so if you don’t like your highlight to be really bold then this one isn’t for you but it looks so beautiful on the skin and even though it is quite intense I don’t find it to look weird or out of place at all. The formula of this product is amazing, it feels so smooth and creamy. This is really highly pigmented so you only need a tiny amount so this will last for ages. This also makes a really gorgeous eye shadow and I would highly recommend it if you are after a new highlighter.


Lipstick – Bite Beauty Lipsticks

I couldn’t just choose one lipstick for this category so I chose a lipstick range being the Bite Beauty lipstick range as I have absolutely loved every one I have purchased from this brand. Bite Beauty make lipsticks from food grade ingredients so they are all natural and they say their lipsticks are actually safe to be eaten (not that I think I would ever be that hungry!). These lipsticks are extremely pigmented and smooth and creamy and they last for hours on the lips. They have gotten the formula spot on with these and I can’t wait to try more shades out. I have a full review and swatches on all the shades I own here if you want more info on these.

Lip Polish

Lip Gloss – Arbonne Lip Polishes

These lip glosses are really nice, they are not too sticky but have just a slight tack to them that is just enough to make them really long lasting on the lips but without being gross and annoying to wear because there is nothing worse than a sticky lip gloss! They all have a slight shimmer to them and they make really nice toppers to any lipstick or can be worn alone for a nice natural look. Full review and swatches here.

Lorac Pro

 Chocolate bar

Eye Shadow Palette – Lorac Pro and Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I couldn’t choose between these two for this category so I decided to include both! I have reviews and swatches of both of these which I will link below so I won’t go into too much detail but these are such amazing quality and if you are looking for a new neutral palette I would highly recommend both of these.

The Lorac Pro palette has 16 shades and the entire top row is matte and the entire bottom row is shimmery which I love because you get such a great selection of shades and have everything you need. The formula of these eye shadows is like nothing I have ever felt before, they are so buttery and smooth it blows me away every time I use them. I also really love the slim simple packaging of this palette, it doesn’t take up much room and is perfect for travelling.

The Too Faced Chocolate bar palette is designed to look like an actual chocolate bar which I think is so cute and there is cocoa powder in the eye shadows so it actually smells like chocolate as well! This palette also has 16 shades and has a great mix of shimmer and mattes. This palette is primarily neutral but they have thrown some more colorful shades in there to like a pink, purple and green which I think is great because you can experiment with some colour in conjunction with the neutrals if you want which makes it very versatile. The formula of these eye shadows is really good, they are very pigmented and smooth and blend well.

I love both of these palette and if you haven’t tried them I recommend checking them out. Review and swatches on Lorac Pro here and on Too Faced Chocolate Bar here if you want to see more detail on these palettes.


Eye Primer – Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Now for this category Emily is doing her favourite drugstore single eyeshadow and I am doing eyeshadow primer as Emily did not have a drugstore primer and I did not have a high end single shadow. I prefer eyeshadow palettes so I almost never purchase single eye shadows hence why I don’t have one to share.

I do however definitely have a favourite high end eyeshadow primer and it is the Nars one. This primer is amazing and I never found a primer that even comes close to how this one performs. I have quite oily eyelids so always have to use a primer otherwise my eyeshadow will crease within hours. Most other primers I have tried will make my eyeshadow last throughout a standard work day pretty well but this one will make my eyeshadow last all day AND night, it is unreal!

So that sums up my list of my favourite high end makeup prodcuts. I had lots of fun picking these products out and writing about them, they are all products I use very regularly and couldn’t live without. Emily is such a sweetheart and I loved working with her on this collaboration, please go check out her blog if you haven’t already.


All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.

Lorac Pro To Go Palette – Review and Swatches


Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to do a quick review on the Lorac Pro To Go palette. If you are from Australia like me you will not be able to purchase this palette in stores as Lorac is not stocked anywhere here.

I got this palette off a makeup sale facebook page as someone was selling it brand new on there and had proof of authenticity so I just had a lucky find. I have heard of people getting it off Amazon or eBay but I don’t know if there are fakes on those sites or not. You may be able to purchase it somewhere online in America and use a shipping forwarding company to ship it to you but I am not sure about that either as I haven’t tried it.


This palette comes in the same black cardboard rubber sort of packaging as the normal pro palette and besides the fact that it shows up finger prints really badly I really like this packaging as it is very sleek and compact. It folds out and has a mirror on the eye shadow side and also comes with two small brushes, one blending and one angled.




This palette comes with six eyeshadows and like the original pro palette one row is all matte and one row is all shimmer which I love because you get a great variety of shades and finishes. This palette also comes with two blushes and a bronzer on the other side so it makes for a perfect travel palette because it is small but has so many products in one.

The top row of eyeshadows are all shimmers and it contains the following shades;


Swatches from Left to Right – Pearl, Chai, Mink

Pearl – This is a pinky pearl highlight shade

Chai – I love this shade, it is a really pretty warm bronze shade, perfect for all over the lid

Mink – This is a cool toned dark taupey/gray shade

The bottom row is all matte and has the following shades;


Swatches from Left to Right – Shell, Cafe, Black

Shell – This is a cream shade

Café – This is a warm mid toned brown that is perfect for the crease

Black –This is just a plain matte black which is perfect for smoking out looks or to use as liner

The two highlight shades, Pearl and Shell are larger in size than the other four shades. This seems to be becoming a trend in palettes now to make the highlight shades larger as most people use them more than the other shades.

The quality of these eye shadows will not disappoint, it is the exact same smooth, buttery and highly pigmented formula as the original pro palette and I have never found eye shadows like this anywhere before. They are so creamy and blendable it is amazing and I highly recommend Lorac pro eye shadows.

The blushes on the other side of the palette are also an amazing quality, very smooth and blendable. There are two blushes and one bronzer in the following shades;


Swatches from Left to Right – Bronze, Pink, Coral

Coral – This is a peachy, pink coral shade with some very fine gold shimmer. It looks similar to NARS orgasm and would be a very flattery shade on so many skin tones.

Pink – This is a matte mid toned pink, I like this one as it is not too warm or too cool, it’s a nice in between.

Bronze – This is a matte bronzer that again like the pink blush is not too cool or too warm toned, it is a nice in between and I think it would look good on so many skin tones.

Overall I love this palette, the quality is amazing and the shades are beautiful and it is perfect for everyday or for travelling. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Lorac products are.


All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.


May Blog-A-Thon Day Twenty Eight – Lorac Pro Palette – Review and Swatches

Lorac Pro

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well. Today I am going to be doing a review on the infamous Lorac Pro Palette along with some swatches for you.

I know most of you have probably already seen a whole bunch of reviews on this palette as it has been getting a lot of hype in the blogger/vlogger world for a long time now but I still wanted to do my own review on it and let you know my thoughts.

First of all unfortunately Lorac is not a brand that we have access to here in Australia which is really disappointing because so far I have absolutely loved everything I have tried from them. To get my Lorac Pro palette I had a friend purchase it and ship it over from America for me but if you want to get your hands on it you may need to try Amazon or eBay however I don’t know if there are fakes getting around on those sites or not though so I can’t recommend them to you. A friend of mine did tell me she got hers off www.beauty.com and used a shipping forwarding company to send it here for her so that might be worth looking into perhaps.


First of all let’s talk about the packaging. The Lorac Pro palette comes in a black cardboard packaging that has a magnetic closure. The palette is very slim and sleek and I like the packaging on this palette a lot. It is simple and practical and won’t take up much room if you are travelling or keeping it in your makeup kit.

This palette contains 16 eye shadows with the top row being all matte shades and the bottom row being all shimmer shades. I love the great mixture of mattes and shimmers in this palette, it makes it very versatile and easy to get a complete look from this one palette. I have buying a palette full of all shimmers and little to no mattes and you then need to get other shades from elsewhere to create a complete look, ain’t nobody got time for dat!

The shades in this palette are great, they range from light highlight shades to dark smokey shades so you can create a huge array of looks from a simple natural eye to a dark smokey eye. There are also a couple of nice brighter colours in there like a gold, copper and purple to create some fun more colourful looks with as well.

Now onto the texture of these eye shadows…oh the texture! It is unlike anything I have ever felt before from any other brand and is a dream to work with! The texture of these eye shadows is amazingly buttery and smooth, they feel almost like a cream to the touch but they are a powder. They blend beautifully and last all day on the lids. The pigmentation on these shadows absolutely blows my mind, you barely need to touch your finger or brush to them and you will get amazing colour pay off. The only downside to the consistency of these eye shadows is that because they are so buttery and pigmented they do have a bit of fall out so you just need to be careful to not put too much on your brush and to tap off the excess before applying them to your eyes.

Here are the swatches of all of the shadows in the palette;

Top Row Swatches

Top Row Swatches From Left to Right (Matte Shades) – White, Cream, Taupe, Lt Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black

 Bottom Row Swatches

Bottom Row Swatches From Left to Right (Shimmer Shades) – Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate


I absolutely love this palette and would highly recommend it to anyone, the quality is just unbelievable and I think anyone would love this palette and the shades in it. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite products from Lorac are and if you live outside of the US where you purchase your Lorac products from.


All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.

May Blog-A-Thon Day Nineteen – Eyeshadow Palette of the Week – Lorac Unzipped Palette

Lorac Shadows

Lorac Packaging

Lorac Top Row

Lorac Bottom Row



Hi Everyone!

Last week I decided to use my M.A.C eye shadow’s that I keep in a Z palette for the whole week as they never get shown any love. Whilst the shades I have are pretty I am just honestly so underwhelmed by my MAC eye shadows each time I use them. I think the quality is just kind of meh compared to so many other brands and they are way overpriced. I didn’t wear makeup every day last week but on the days when I did and used my MAC shadows I just wasn’t impressed so I am excited to change my palette out to something different this week.

This week I will be using my Lorac Unzipped palette. I love this palette, it has some really pretty warm golds and burgundy’s and I am excited to be using this palette all week. I have done a review on this palette when I first started my blog as well as a comparison between this palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, you can check that post out here if you like.

Let me know in the comments below what palette you plan to show some love to this week.



Monthly Beauty Favourites – March 2014 – Arbonne, Lorac, Tarte, Art Deco, Ben Nye + More!

All Products

So another month is upon us and that means it’s time to talk monthly beauty favourite’s. I didn’t think I would have much to show this month because I was overseas for some of it and didn’t wear much makeup for a couple of weeks, but when I started looking through my products I realised I actually have a heap of products I have been loving!

I know this post is going up a little late as we are already about a week into April but I figured better late than never so let’s get stuck in!

Arbonne Lotion and Serum

Arbonne Reactivating Serum and Hydrating Body Lotion –

These two products can be used separately but are designed to be used in combination with each other and they have been a lifesaver this month since I started using them and I think they may even be reaching Holy Grail status! Basically it’s kind of like a serum and moisturiser for your face where you put the serum on first to deeply hydrate the skin and prepare for the moisturiser to follow.

I have very dry legs that normally drive me crazy and I have tried every moisturiser and body butter out there to try and relieve the dryness but nothing works…until this! I apply the serum and let it sink in for a few seconds and then follow with the moisturiser and do this each night before bed and my legs have completely changed, they are no longer dry and itchy which just amazes me because these products feel quite thin and lightweight so I didn’t expect them to be so hydrating. They feel very luxurious and soak into the skin quickly and don’t leave me sticky or greasy.

I know I am a consultant for Arbonne and rave about their products all the time but I am just seriously so impressed with just about everything I try from their range, the products are so incredible and they are all natural which is something that is a must for me when it comes to skin care and also something I try to look for as much as possible with my makeup.

If you have dry skin issues I would really recommend trying this combination of products out.

Lorac Pro

Lorac Pro Palette –

I haven’t had this palette for too long so I recently included it in my palette of the week challenge but I have been loving it so much I keep it as my palette of the week for about 2 or 3 weeks! I promise I will be changing up my palette for this week guys. I won’t go into too much detail about this palette because I want to do a full review on it soon but I really love it! The top row is all matte and the bottom row is all shimmers.

The quality is so good and there are so many shades to choose from you can create so many different looks with this palette. Loving it!

Tarte Concealer

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Light –

I sort of go back and forth with this concealer and can never really form a proper opinion on it but this month I have been really loving it. It is an extremely thick concealer and is a little greasy but it gives such great coverage and it does not crease on me. You do need to squeeze really hard to get it out of the tube because it is so thick which I hate and you need to blend it in with your fingers so the warmth from your fingers can help to blend it so it is a little work but the results are worth it in my opinion.

Like I said it is a little greasy so you do need to set it with a powder but I always set any concealer I use otherwise I think anything will crease. I just set this with a loose translucent setting powder. If you are after a full coverage concealer this one is a good one to check out.

Makeup Geek Blending Brush

Makeup Geek Delux Crease Brush –

I have used this brush every day this month for blending shadows into my crease. Its nice and soft and pointed so perfect for getting right into the crease and its the only blending brush I own that doesn’t shed like crazy.


Dulce Mascara

Dulce and Gabbana Passion Eyes Duo Mascara Curl and Volume –

This is a sample size of this mascara and I have been enjoying it the past month since I got it. It is nothing amazing and I wouldn’t spend the money on the full size but it is a good one none the less. It has a rubble bristled wand which is my favourite kind and the wand is curved which I normally don’t like but it seems to work well with this mascara. It separates my lashes nicely and gives volume and doesn’t flake or smudge. It’s really good for the lower lash line because of the tiny rubble bristles that are so close together.

Ben Nye Palette

Ben Nye Pressed Colour Palette –

This palette is actually from my professional makeup kit but I have pulled it out this month and have been playing with it myself. I have many of these powders in the lose version but I find the packaging hard to work with on those so I decided to start using the pressed ones and I really like them. I use the second and forth shades on the top row mostly and they set my foundation so nicely and give a really nice natural finish as they are very finely milled powders. I have a darker version of this palette as well and the darker shades can be used for contouring as well so they are very versatile which is why I like them for my kit.

Papaya Body Wash

Mustika ratu Papaya Bath & Shower Gel –

I purchased this in Bali so I’m not sure if it is available is Australia but OMG this smells amazing! It has nice a beautiful sweet fruity fragrance and lathers up nicely and I have been obsessed with this shower gel! I went back to the store I purchased it from before I left Bali but they had sold out of this fragrance. If you live in Bali and want to get your hands on this I just got it from a Coco Supermarket and if anyone has seen this is Australia let me know, I want to get my hands on a backup…or 5! Haha


DKNY Golden Delicious Eau De Parfum –

I am terrible at describing scents so I have put the notes and description of this perfume below but basically it has a fresh and fruity scent that is fresh but warm at the same time which is really interesting. I have been reaching for this a lot this month which says a lot because I have enough perfumes to almost wear a different one each day of the month so if I go back to the same one a few times in the month it shows I really have been liking it.

“From the heart of New York grows a regal apple, a pure and seductive fruit that rises above the rest. Luxurious. Magical. Special. And like the city itself, it’s a tantalizing blend of sensations. DKNY Golden Delicious glistens with a glamorous burst of succulent orange flower water. The heart beats deeper with floral touches of white rose and muguet flower. In the base, musk, sandalwood, and teakwood blend together, lending a warm, lasting touch of sensuality. And, of course, the scent of Golden Delicious apple provides an elegant and memorable character that shines throughout the life of the scent. Notes: Orange Flower Water, Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple, White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Muguet, Musk, Sandalwood, and Teakwood. Style: Sophisticated. Glamorous. Radiant.”

Reviva Scrub

Reviva Labs Microdermabrasion Pomegranite Scrub –

This is a really finely milled scrub that is meant to rubbed all of the face for 2-3 minutes and then rinsed and it is meant to act like a microdermabrasion. When my skin needs a really good scrub and clean up I like to use this scrub as it does a really good job of removing all of the dead skin cells on my face and brightening up my skin. It doesn’t irritate my skin and I find helps with blackheads.

Arbonne Powder

Arbonne Sheer Pressed Powder in Light –

This is another face powder I have been loving and using a lot this month. This powder is very finely milled and keeps me matte for quite a long time. This colour is perfect for me and it doesn’t clog my pores. I really like this one. What more can I say!

Art Deco Bronzer

Art Deco Bronzing Powder in 02 –

This from a limited edition collection but I think may still be available on BeautyBay.com which is where I got it from. This bronzer has a slight shimmer to it but it is not really detectable on the face. I love this bronzer, it is the perfect colour and blends beautifully. I love the large compact because it’s easy to get a big brush in there and it will last me for ages! I have used this nearly every day this month.

Lime Crime Poisonberry

Lime Crime Lipstick in Poisonberry –

This is a beautiful deep purple lipstick and I have worn it quite a lot this month and I always get heaps of compliments when I wear it. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but it melted in Bali and broke so it’s hard to work with now which makes me so sad L

I love a vampy purple lip and this is the perfect colour for this. I love the formula of these lipsticks and will have a review with swatches up in the next couple of weeks showing all the colours I own.

Real Housewives

Real Housewives of New Jersey –

I know this is not a beauty favourite (technically) but I have been obsessed with this series this month so I had to share it. I have been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, New York and Orange County and New Jersey is my favourite one by far. These girls are hilarious and I think it’s just so fun to watch. I got this off eBay and am currently on the hunt for season 3 and 4 which so far I can’t find so if anyone knows anywhere else I can get these DVDs from besides eBay please let me know.

That concludes everything I have been loving this month, please let me know in the comments what your favourite products have been for the month of March.


All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review and all thoughts are my own.

Eye Shadow Palette of the Week – Week Two – Lorac Pro Palette

Hi Guys!

Sorry I meant to get this post up yesterday but my internet crashed and then had to go to the physio and couldn’t move much when I got home so it had to get delayed to today. If you haven’t read my first post regarding this challenge basically what I am doing is choosing one eye shadow palette from my collection each week and I have to use that palette only all week. I am doing this to try and rotate through all of my palettes so they all get shown some love!

This week I am going to be using the Lorac Pro palette. I know this palette is hugely raved about but I only just got it not that long ago and I have only used it a couple of times so I’m really excited to be using this one this week. The shadows are so buttery and pigmented, I have never used any eye shadows before with the same consistency as these ones.



If you are doing this challenge with me let me know in the comments below what palette you will be using this week or just let me know what palette you have been loving lately.