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I’m back!! Update on where I have been

Hello my beautiful followers!
I have missed you all so much and unfortunately have not been able to blog for over two months and thought I better give an explanation as to where I have been and my plans for my blog in the coming months.

So I used to work full time for the government and several months ago decided that it was no longer for me and that I wanted to do something more creative and exciting career wise and so decided to start my own business! I have obviously always been obsessed with beauty and I also love candles and a while ago I started making my own soy candles and bath and body products and have now started a business called Decadent Scents selling my line of products.
I make scented soy candles which smell amazing, burn for hours and look so cute! I was so sick of buying candles that didn’t burn properly or give good scent throw or having to spend like $30+ on what that did so after months of formulating I managed to make candles that met my expectations of a great candle and they have been selling really well and I have been getting amazing feedback which makes me so happy and has made the hard work of setting up this business worth while and very satisfying.
I am also making solid bubble bath bars, bath bombs, cupcake bubble bath bombs, bath salts, bath milks, body scrubs, massage bars and gift packs. Everything is hand made and packaged by me and I put a lot of time, money and effort into formulating each product until it is perfect.
It is a lot of work but I am so happy to finally be doing something that I love and am excited to continue expanding my range and growing my business.
The business is still in its early stages and I have plans to get stockists for my products and start an online store to market my products. This will take time and is a long term goal that I am working on. Currently I am selling my products at local markets and on my Facebook page
So obviously I have been super busy building this business and formulating and making products and unfortunately as a result my blog has had to take a back seat. A Beauty Obsession has been constantly on my mind and it has been driving me insane not having time to blog. Another reason for my absence is due to Internet issues, the Internet at our house is horrendous and prevents me from being able to upload blog posts 80% of the time. I used to take and edit my photos and write my posts at home and then often save to a usb and take into work after hours to upload and schedule my posts with the Internet at work but obviously I don’t have that option anymore now that I no longer work there so my internet issues have also greatly impacted my ability to upload.
My old iPhone also would not allow me to download the WordPress app so that I could do the occasional post from my phone so I pretty much have had everything against me when it comes to being able to blog and I sincerely apologise for this.
I am still super busy but I am committed to trying to regularly blog again as I do really miss it. It won’t be anywhere near as frequent as it used to be but if I can post once a week I will be happy.
I have purchased a new iPhone 6 which takes pretty good photos and of course has allowed me to download the WordPress app so I can now put a quick post up on my phone when I don’t have time to sit down and try and get my computers Internet to work. I also have an amazing new makeup vanity (that you will see in an upcoming post) with great lighting so I can take photos using its lighting when there isn’t good daylight which will help greatly when I am in a hurry and want to get a post up.
There is a lot of quiet waiting time at some quieter markets as well so I plan to take photos in advance and use this time at the markers to write and upload posts. I am hoping with these few little things in my favour I will have time to get more posts up again as well as keep up with reading my favourite blogs.
I am sorry for this long winded story but you have all been so supportive of my blog and I felt that you needed a proper explanation of where I have been.
I have some exciting posts planned for the coming weeks but please also leave me any requests for types of posts in the comments below that you would like to see.

Here are some photos of some of the products I make to give you an idea of what I have been working on and if you are interested in seeing more photos and posts on what I have been doing please feel free to check out my Facebook page -Scents/292249540959201
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